Share Anything With Just A Tap.

Tap your ConnecTap to someone's phone to instantly share anything.

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Your New Connecting Experience

ConnecTap allows you to share your contact information and all your socials and in a smart and contactless way.

  • One TAP is all it takes to share anything
  • All your links in one place
  • Leave a good lasting first impression
In A Tap

Awesome Features

  • featureicon Share with anyone! The other person doesn't need a ConnecTap or an app to receive your info!

  • featureicon It is compatible with Android phones

  • featureicon Instantly share contact info, social media, music, URL and more.

  • featureicon You can share just one link instead of your full profile.

Share Anything In Seconds

Instantly share anything by just tapping your ConnecTap to someone's phone.


Share Social Media Links

Share social media links in seconds. No passwords are required.

How ConnecTap Works

  • Download the ConnecTap App

  • Grab your favourite ConnecTap Tag and activate it.

  • Customize your profile and connect your social media links.

  • From your contact information to your social profiles, share all your details instantly.



How to get started?

Activate your ConnecTap Tag by holding it behind your phone. Make sure NFC is turned on. Now it is ready to share information. Customize your profile on the app. By tapping your Tag on the back of someone’s phone, you can easily share your social media profiles and contact details.

Does other person need ConnecTap?

The other person does not require an app or a Dappy to receive your information. Have someone tap your product, or scan your QR code with their camera, and they instantly have your info. However, some phones are not compatible with the technology.

What are my ConnecTap contacts?

When someone connects with you, the new person gets added to your ConnecTap Contacts automatically. This page saves the ConnecTap profile of the person you meet.


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